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A Letter From The CEO

At South Story Bank & Trust, we are building something you never may have experienced …a bank you can believe in and one, with which, you feel connected. Our goal is to continually surprise you with what a bank can be … adding value to your busy life.

We consider our community an extension of the bank, and we have a passion for building relationships with local organizations who re-develop neighborhoods and transform lives. We believe in doing good, not just doing well. Our collective mindset is dedicated to the mission of keeping community at the heart of our story. It motivates us to approach things differently -- connecting people to community, neighbors to neighbors, and local businesses to customers and resources.

Some organizations may overlook people as the “key”to their culture. They don’t have our team. At SSBT you’ll find employees who are genuine, innovative, creative and who are empowered to do what’s right for you. They work together on your behalf and have fun doing it! Offering smart solutions to manage your finances drives us to do it better.

If you’re looking for a financial partner that offers traditional banking products, provides progressive technology, or can assist in streamlining your business processes, we’ve got a few things up “our sleeves.” At SSBT, we strive to offer an exceptional, consistent experience, which is why we offer our Blue Diamond Private Banking service. We look forward to sharing more innovations with you in the months ahead.

There are hundreds of banks in our region, but South Story Bank & Trust is unique. We are committed to reinvesting locally through agile decision-making and, more importantly, thought leadership. We are building trust, creating change and making an impact beyond the bottom line. We attract interest in and around our communities for the right reasons. I could tell you more, but I’d rather you experience SSBT. We would love to help you write your own success story.

Steve Simon